BlogHer14 – First Pre-Day

I decided to blog my adventures at BlogHer this year. This will help me capture the experience. This is my 4th BlogHer roll and I have met some great women along the way.

My first BlogHer11 was in San Diego three years ago. It was very overwhelming but so great. I gain lots of knowledge and was introduced to Pinterest there before it started to get so popular. When I toured the expo, I was really blown away by all the brands trying to give you or ask you to try their products. I was introduced to Arnicare gel from a very friendly woman I met – Marta Darby of My Big Fat Cuban Family. I was walking very crooked because my feet were killing me. She immediately took my under her wing and sent me to Arnicare to try their gel. I did, was a bit skeptical but remarkably it worked. I am now a huge user of Arnicare but more a huge fan of Marta. I learned then that this conference is really special and you meet some really amazing women.

My second BlogHer12 was in New York. I was so fortunate to take along by BFF – Gina Narciso of Mia Bella Vida…My Beautiful Life.  New York was awesome. The conference was great and I attended more sessions that I care to name. My ones take away from that BlogHer was that it was too big. It was just so hard to connect with people because of its size.

My third BlogHer13 was in Chicago. The hometown of my BFF! I got to attend my favorite conference and see my friend- bonus. She came to BlogHer as a new (not first, try fourth) Mama and brought along her baby Indy. As always, BlogHer gives ladies with babies great care. This conference was great. I was introduced to LeanIn and learned about Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman. She rocked her keynote. I was really so blown away and inspired by how she found herself.

My fourth BlogHer14 is in San Jose. I had a great time at the eppa Sangria event. I am looking forward to the first conference day tomorrow.